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Sub-Metering November 27, 2017

Roanoke, Denton
Sub-Metering, Roanoke, Texas

imageTenant Sub-metering


What is sub metering? Sub-metering is where an electrical metering device is installed on the power distribution wiring of a building that feeds a lease space. It monitors the electrical consumption of a tenant that does not have their own utility provided electrical meter, to allow the owner to know how much power is used by the tenant. This provides the building owner with an accurate way to charge for the electricity being used by each tenant in the building.

What can sub metering do for you? Sub-metering can allow a landlord or building owner to accurately assign value to individual tenants for their electricity use. If your building only has one utility meter, but you have two or more tenants, who pays for what portion of the bill? With sub-metering, you will be able to know exactly how much each tenant uses. There are many types of metering systems, but for our purposes we will discuss only revenue grade meters. These meters have .5% kwh accuracy and provide a fair allocation of cost for a tenant’s electrical consumption.

What to look for in a sub metering system? First you need to know what type of power you have, 120/240, 277/480, single phase, three phase delta or wye, etc.… You will also need to know approximately how much electricity is going to be metered. These devices are accurate within certain ranges. For example, a 400-amp meter trying to meter 1 amp will not be as accurate as a 400-amp meter trying to meter 280 amps.

Who can install your sub metering system? You want to use a qualified electrical contractor to help select and install your system. There is wiring that must be installed inside the electrical panels that will need to be done, and components that will need to be installed correctly for your system to work. You will also need some basic explanations on how it works, and how to read the information the meter provides. You can trust R&D Electrical to help you with all of this from start to finish. If you think you could benefit from sub-metering some tenant spaces, call 817-541-7550 and let us help you.