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3 Plumber-Approved Tips to Keep Your Disposal Running Smoothly December 7, 2017

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3 Plumber-Approved Tips to Keep Your Disposal Running Smoothly, Vernon, Connecticut

Clogged drains are one of the most frustrating and inconvenient things to deal with as a homeowner. While some assume that store-bought drain cleaning solution is enough to keep their pipes and disposal clear of debris, experienced plumbers will tell you that it takes much more to keep it working efficiently. Homeowners should make a point to be aware of what is and is not safe to put down their sinks. 

Below are three plumber-approved ways to ensure that clogged drains are a thing of the past: 

  • Be Mindful of What You Put Down the Drain: Your drains and disposal are built to be tough, but they can’t safely and effectively dispose of everything you might think. Tough foods, like banana peels, celery, or onion skins, can all wreak havoc on the integrity of the system. Likewise, hard items, like bones, popcorn kernels and fruit pits can be nearly impossible to grind and can destroy the motor in your disposal. 
  • plumberKnow What Belongs in the Trash: Some items must be disposed of inside, but are not suitable to put down the sink. Items like rubber bands, grease, and flower clippings, for instance, should always be put into the trash can rather than being forced through the disposal. The blades in the sink are not strong enough to get rid of these materials and the system will suffer as a result, causing the need for major plumbing repairs. 
  • Grind Ice to Keep Things Smooth: While it’s helpful to know what items to keep out of the disposal, this will only go halfway towards keeping your system running effectively. A little-known tip from any reliable plumber is to put a few ice cubes down the sink every so often and grind them up. This will help to knock off any debris that has built up over time and will wash it away, leaving you with a cleaner and clearer pipeline. 


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