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What Happens During the Water Testing Process? December 6, 2017

Lancaster, Grant
What Happens During the Water Testing Process?, Lancaster, Wisconsin

From well water testing to a wastewater analysis, there are a number of reasons to get your water examined. Whether you’re a business, municipality, or resident in Lancaster, WI, LV Laboratories, LLC provides water-testing kits that can be delivered or picked up and offer a fast turnaround time for your peace of mind. To better grasp your water analysis, you should know what happens during this process.

Drinking & Well Water Testing

water testingKeeping your water clean is crucial since there are many toxins that could contaminate it. To begin the water testing process, you will either receive a kit by mail or pick one up and use the instructions to collect the desired water sample. Once you send the sample to our office, our team will provide a comprehensive analysis. Such analysis can include, but is not limited to, the testing of nitrates and other harmful bacteria. 

After we have completed the water testing process, we will either email or mail the results to you. Our goal is provide you with the quickest response possible. 

Wastewater Testing

Having your wastewater tested is an important step for any municipal wastewater facility. This testing is used to detect any chemical, physical, or biological pollutants in the water. Because the composition of wastewater varies widely, we offer different tests to ensure you get the most reliable and accurate results. Our tests indicate the presence of contaminants such as salmonella, shigella, and E. coli. We also look for quality indicators to determine what condition the wastewater is in.

Contact LV Laboratories, LLC, at (608) 723-4096 to learn more about their water testing services. They have extensive experience serving the southern Wisconsin communities and are happy to answer any questions about their analysis. Visit the website to read more about water quality and testing.

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