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What's the Difference Between House & Automotive Paint? December 6, 2017

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What's the Difference Between House & Automotive Paint?, East Rochester, New York

Paint enhances the look of many items, including your car and your house. However, there is not one universal product that can be applied to all surfaces. For example, house and automotive paint have different compositions and shouldn’t be used interchangeably. Bob Hastings Collision, a team of auto body repair experts in East Rochester, NY, explains the distinction between these two types.


No matter what kind of automotive paint you choose for your vehicle, it is designed to adhere to metal. House paint, however, is made for use on wood or drywall and won’t stick to the surface of your car as well. In addition to fading or peeling quickly, it will not have the same shine.

Weather Resistance

automotive paintAutomotive paint is made to handle extreme conditions. Wind, dirt, and bugs are an issue no matter the weather, and the surface must also stand up to elements like snow, hail, rain, and road salt. Because the interior of your house doesn’t have to deal with these circumstances, the paint isn’t designed to hold up under them.


House paint is thick and creamy, so it’s easier to cover large areas without having to apply more than two coats. Automotive paint is much thinner, as a car’s exterior is meant to be light to improve speed. Using house paint will add unnecessary weight to your vehicle, ultimately slowing it down, making it work harder, and consuming more fuel.

Using paint designed for your home on your vehicle can ultimately create costly damage. To avoid this mistake, the detailing professionals at Bob Hastings Collision recommend leaving this job to their trained technicians. Call now at (585) 383-8150 for a free written estimate on your automotive paint job, and check out their website for more information on the services they provide to East Rochester drivers.

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