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5 Tips for Buying Quality Used Cars March 16, 2018

Poulsbo, Kitsap
5 Tips for Buying Quality Used Cars, Poulsbo, Washington

If you’re on a tight budget, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider buying a used car. While you probably won’t get that new car smell, you can get roughly the same performance for a fraction of the cost, if you play your cards rights. Even at a lower price, however, used cars are still a significant investment. That’s why you should follow the tips below to help you find a vehicle that offers the best bang for your buck.

How Do You Buy a Quality Used Car?

1. Inspect the Engine

Every other part of the vehicle is practically useless if the engine has issues. Watch out for fluid leaks, in particular, as the extent of the damage will be quite challenging to assess at a cursory glance. Check if the engine oil has shiny specks, which might mean there is an internal issue. If you don’t trust your judgment, bring your mechanic along to have the engine inspected thoroughly.

2. Check the Paint

Some cars might look brand new but have been repainted a number of times before. A quick way to check this is by trying to stick a magnet to the painted metal parts of the vehicle. If the magnet doesn’t stick, it means there’s a thick layer of filler underneath the paint from previous bodywork. While this might not necessarily be a deal breaker, it could help you negotiate the price lower.

3. Look at the Mileage

used carsHigher mileage in highway driving might sometimes be better than low mileage in city driving, as the start and stop nature of the latter causes more wear on the vehicle components. Learn what you can about the previous owner’s driving habits and weight it with the vehicle’s current mileage to make an informed decision.

4. Compare Prices

Don’t settle for the first seemingly good deal you encounter. Do your research by comparing prices between different dealerships to see the average price for that particular make, model, and year. If you go in blind, you won’t have much negotiating ground to stand on.

5. Take a Test Drive

Ask the seller if you can take the car out for a test drive. As you do, feel the way it steers, shifts gears, accelerates, and brakes, and test all the features and functions of that particular vehicle. Listen for any unusual noises coming from the engine or the transmission, and take note of the temperature and other gauges to see if they are within the norms. This step is often the deciding factor for car buyers.


If you’re searching for quality used cars in Poulsbo, WA, look no further than Liberty Bay Auto Center. This dealership has an impressive selection of certified pre-owned cars you can choose from. They also offer auto repair services, such as oil change and brake repairs, along with auto parts for sale. Give them a call at (360) 697-4066 or visit their website to learn about their specials.

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