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How to Set Up Group Babysitting for Your Wedding December 7, 2017

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How to Set Up Group Babysitting for Your Wedding, Morehead City, North Carolina

If you and your fiancée have decided to have your wedding be child-free, hiring a group babysitting service is the best course of action as a good host. Your guests will appreciate that they don’t have to worry about finding a babysitter, especially if they are coming from out-of-town to your Coastal North Carolina wedding. Services like Nancy’s Nannies provide a trusted babysitting service so parents can enjoy your event guilt- and worry-free. There are a couple of options when planning for the children’s caretaker.

2 Options for Wedding Group Babysitting

Off-Site Sitting

group babysittingThere are some perks to keeping the kids off-site during your event. First, it can be more affordable depending on where the kids are. Second, the kids will be out of sight so they won’t be a distraction during the event. This gives your guests the space they need to enjoy an evening to themselves. The off-site location you choose can be a hotel room, your home, or rented bridal party location.

Kids-Only VIP Room

Setting up on-site babysitting allows you to invite kids to your event while having a kid-free reception. Set up a separate VIP room for the kids. It can coordinate with the wedding with games or themed crafts. This makes your wedding a fun night out for the kids as well. Parents with more dependent children can check-up on them throughout the night, which may make them feel more comfortable.

Your wedding should go off without a hitch from start to finish, and hiring a babysitter for your younger guests can help eliminate stress. The babysitters at Nancy’s Nannies go through a thorough vetting process, so you know that you will get the highest quality people working your event. They’ll keep the kids entertained and safe so the parents can enjoy themselves at your wedding. See their group babysitting rates online or call them at (252) 726-6575 to work out the details for your big day. You can then rest easy knowing one wedding detail is “no problem”.

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