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How to Prepare Your Swamp Cooler for Winter December 6, 2017

Lake Havasu City, Mohave
How to Prepare Your Swamp Cooler for Winter, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Because it keeps your home comfortable throughout Arizona’s sultry summer, it’s imperative to ensure proper care for your swamp cooler during the winter months. With help from the experts at All American Air Conditioning of Havasu, you can learn a few tips to prepare your evaporative cooling devices for the offseason. These HVAC contractors have served Mohave County residents with top-tier AC and heating services since 1971. Below, they share a few ways to winterize your cooling machines to ensure their smooth performance in warmer months.

3 Ways to Prepare Swamp Coolers for Winter

Turn the Main Water Connection Off

HVAC ContractorSwamp coolers rely on electricity and a water supply to operate to keep your home cool during summer. As the weather turns colder, HVAC contractors advise unplugging these appliances as a safety precaution. They can help locate the main water valve and switch it off to avoid wastage and freezing issues before winter arrives in full swing.

Remove Water From the Appliance

Once the main water valve is taken care of, it's time to make sure any remaining water is completely drained out from the appliance. Not cleaning up the moisture residue properly can cause it to freeze up inside the piping and damage it considerably. With an expert technician at your service, you can ensure proper system drainage and have the water completely removed from the appliance.

Conduct Repair & Maintenance Works

As part of their thorough pre-winter HVAC inspections, the team at All American Air Conditioning run detailed checks on your swamp coolers. They will pinpoint the problem areas and provide you timely repair solutions as part of their cold weather preparation process. Additionally, these HVAC contractors will be happy to offer you do-it-yourself guidelines to safeguard your cooling system during a cold snap.

Having All American Air Conditioning of Havasu offering you assistance is a reassurance your swamp coolers are in good hands. Their comprehensive range of cooling and heating services is why residents of Mohave County place their trust in these HVAC contractors. For more information about their products and services, call (928) 855-4549 or visit their website.

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