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What Are Roll-in Showers? December 4, 2017

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What Are Roll-in Showers? , Ashland, Kentucky

If you are bound to a wheelchair or struggle with mobility, completing everyday tasks can be a challenge. You might have difficulty preparing your meals, running errands, or taking a shower. Fortunately, the team at Tri-State Mobility in Ashland, KY, understand these struggles and have provided their community with mobility solutions, such as roll-in showers, for over 15 years. Below, their staff explains everything you need to know about roll-in showers and how they can benefit you.

A Guide to Roll-in Showers

Innovative Design

Most bathtubs and showers are elevated several inches — or feet — off the ground, making it difficult for someone with limited mobility to get in or out without assistance. Roll-in showers are designed to have no threshold between the shower and floor. This accessibility allows for a wheelchair, walker, or other mobility devices to effortlessly enter and leave the shower.

Increased Independence

The smooth design of these roll-in showers means an individual who relies on a mobility device can bathe or shower without assistance. This functionality can make getting ready each day significantly easier and less time-consuming, which can extend to other aspects of your life. People who invest in this device often have an easier time getting ready for work, running errands alone, and going out to socialize with friends and family.

Complementary Devices

Depending on your individual mobility needs, there are certain devices that may work well with a roll-in shower. These include shower handrails, shower chairs, and detachable shower heads. Together, these items can make bathing a stress-free experience.

Implementing a few innovations in your bathroom increases your safety and independence. If you are interested in purchasing a roll-in shower, walk-in tub, or a mobility device, contact Tri-State Mobility. This retailer carries a wide selection of powerchairs, mobility scooters, and vehicle lifts. To view their full product list, visit the website or call (606) 329-1344 to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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