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5 Important Tips for Using Propane Safely December 7, 2017

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5 Important Tips for Using Propane Safely, West Plains, Missouri

Many households rely on propane to heat their homes over the winter. Some people also use it to power their generators, grill food, heat water, and for many other applications; it’s a versatile and highly cost-effective fuel. Being that it is ignitable, though, it requires safe handling and storage procedures. If you rely on propane at home, make sure you know the basics.

How to Safely Use Propane

1. Do Not Operate Outdoor Propane Appliances Indoors

Propane-powered grills and stoves are designed for outdoor use only. If you use them indoors, they may pose an increased danger in case of a gas leak. When in doubt about where safe usage can take place, refer to the owner’s manual of your propane appliance.

2. Refill Propane Tanks Promptly

If you leave a gas line open after it runs out of propane fuel, this allows moisture to enter the tank, which will end up causing rust and corrosion. This is dangerous mainly because rust obscures the smell of propane—and if you can’t smell it, you’ll have a harder time knowing if you have a gas leak.

3. Install Propane Gas Detectors

propaneIf you’re unable to smell a gas leak, a detector will sound an alarm if a high concentration builds up in the air.

4. Never Store Propane Tanks Indoors

Propane tanks should not be stored in a closed environment. This includes basements, vehicles, garages, and any indoor living spaces. Tanks can be stored in some covered areas, provided they aren’t closed in by walls.

5. Keep Tanks Clear of Debris & Flammable Materials

Keep tabs on your propane tank and periodically clear it of dead leaves and other debris. Keep all flammable materials and potential sources of ignition far away and downwind from the area.


If you’re looking for a general purpose propane gas company that delivers fuel, supplies new tanks, and services propane-powered systems, get in touch with Brotherton Propane in West Plains, MO. They have over 43 years of industry experience and are even available 24/7 for emergencies. Call (417) 256-5067 for questions or visit them online for details about their services and competitive prices.

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