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3 Fireplace Makeover Ideas That Are Perfect for Winter December 6, 2017

Creve Coeur, St. Louis County
3 Fireplace Makeover Ideas That Are Perfect for Winter, Creve Coeur, Missouri

A fireplace offers a communal space to relax, warm up, and enjoy a steaming mug of hot cocoa. Because it’s also a focal point of your home, it should reflect your personal style—and a fireplace makeover can transform your outdated hearth into a cozy masterpiece. Here are three ideas to get started!

3 Fireplace Makeover Ideas

1. Modern Swaps

Dark brick is functional, but it can look dated. Update your look with Venetian plaster to create a sleek, chic facade, or paint the brick a lighter color to make the space look larger.

2. Hearth

fireplace makeoverYou may love your mantel, but something about your fireplace still doesn’t feel right. Updating the look of your hearth might be exactly what you need: you can fill the hearth so that it is flush with the floor, or paint it to complement the rest of your decor. Marble and stone are beautiful, eye-catching textures that can add a touch of drama to your fireplace remodel.

3. Custom Stone

If you want to completely transform your fireplace, carvable cement is an incredible material that can be used to mimic the size, shape, and color of stone. Whether you want a simple, understated mantel or a dramatic, floor-to-ceiling showstopper, you can work with a fireplace designer to come up with the makeover of your dreams!

At the end of the day, your home’s fireplace should be a space for relaxation, conversation, and comfort. If you’re not happy with your current fireplace or simply want a style that better reflects your personal tastes, consider a fireplace makeover—it could be your best gift to yourself this holiday season!


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