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4 Tips for Proper Door Lock Maintenance November 29, 2017

Hurst, Tarrant
4 Tips for Proper Door Lock Maintenance, Hurst, Texas

Every mechanical device requires regular maintenance to ensure it continues to work properly. Your door lock is no exception. All Hours Locksmith has served Hurst, TX, with a variety of lock and key solutions since 2003. Below, the locksmith shares what you can do to ensure your lock doesn’t break.

4 Tips for Maintaining Your Door Lock

1. Check the Door Frame

The lock can function properly only if the door is properly hung. If your door sags and isn’t even with the frame, it places a lot of pressure on your lock and deadbolt. Inspect the top of the door to ensure it’s level across its length.

2. Check the Deadbolt

locksmithWhen your door is closed, you should be able to secure the deadbolt easily without having to push or pull the knob. If you must wrangle with the door first, there is either something wrong with the frame or your deadbolt was installed incorrectly. You must be able to extend the deadbolt completely to lock the door.

3. Lubricate the Lock

To ensure your lock functions smoothly, lubricate it at least once a year. You can use graphite, but dry lubricants are easier to apply. After spraying the lubricant inside the lock, move your key in and out a few times and clean any debris off the key each time.

4. Duplicate the Original Key

Your key is designed to last quite some time, but it will wear out before the lock on your door. Have a duplicate made from the original and store it in a safe place. This precaution ensures that you have a backup key when the original no longer works.

Do you need help maintain or replacing a lock in your home? If you live in Tarrant, Denton, or Johnson County, call the experts at All Hours Locksmith at (817) 282-1887. These local locksmiths can help with lock installation, rekeying, and unlocking your doors after a lockout. They are fully licensed and bonded and offer amazing services at affordable prices. Visit the website to learn more about how they can help you.

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