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Why Physical Therapy After Surgery Is Critical December 8, 2017

NoMad, Manhattan
Why Physical Therapy After Surgery Is Critical, Manhattan, New York

Surgery can significantly improve your quality of life, but it’s just one part of your treatment plan. In many cases, your doctor may recommend that you participate in physical therapy after your operation for better results. This is a key part of your recovery that provides many benefits. Understand the importance of following your doctor’s instructions with post-surgical care from MVMT Physical Therapy in New York, NY.

Here, they share a few advantages that you can expect by using physical therapy in post-surgery recuperation:

  • Healing Properly: Your physical therapist will create a regimen designed with your surgery in mind. The exercises they teach ensures your body recovers fully from the operation. For example, blood clots are a concern with procedures on the extremities, and therapy improves circulation to negate that risk. Many doctors find their patients heal more quickly if they’re involved in a physical therapy plan after surgery.
  • physical therapyGetting Moving: After a surgery, especially one on a joint or muscle, therapy may be required to get your mobility back. You need to build up the strength in your affected joint or muscles. They’ve become weak and stiff, which reduces your ability to exercise or return to your daily activities. Therapy gives attention to those areas that so desperately need it to get you moving once again.
  • Relieving Pain: Therapy improves your circulation, which reduces swelling at the operation site. This allows it to heal quickly and with less pain. Use your exercises just as you would ice an injury or keep the affected area elevated.

The therapists at MVMT Physical Therapy are dedicated to getting you back to your normal routine and helping you meet your goals. There’s no need to live with chronic pain or physical limitations when you can use physical therapy to help. Call (646) 430-5717 to schedule an appointment with their highly trained and experienced team, and visit them online for more information on their services.

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