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5 Facts to Know About Carpet Backing December 6, 2017

Chatsworth, Murray
5 Facts to Know About Carpet Backing, Chatsworth, Georgia

Replacing your carpeting can be expensive, so it’s preferable to take measures to extend its life span by providing it with the proper carpet backing. The team at Georgia Carpet Finishers installs carpets for residential and commercial customers within a 35-mile radius of Chatsworth. Here, they explain why carpet backing is a critical part of your flooring. 

5 Important Facts About Carpet Backing 

1. Provides Stronger Foundation

Carpet backing provides a foundation for your flooring. It’s an added layer beneath your carpet designed to prevent wear and tear as well as make it more stable and less likely to shift. 

2. Improves Insulation

Carpet backing also helps improve insulation. The added layer makes it harder for heat to escape, leaving your interior warmer in the winter months. 

3. Adds Softness 

carpet backingMost buildings have concrete or wooden flooring beneath their carpeting, which can be hard underfoot. Carpet backing can increase the surface’s softness and comfort. The addition helps reduce the force your heel makes when striking the ground while walking, as well as lowering leg muscle response, both prime culprits of walking fatigue. 

4. Extends Life Span

Carpet backing extends the life span of your flooring by minimizing wear and tear from walking, as well as decreasing the amount of moisture that can collect in the fibers. Most backing is made of polyurethane that is designed to control temperature and suck up excess moisture. If you’re located in a particularly moist area or are worried about mold and mildew growth, carpet backing is ideal. 

5. Reduces Noise

Adding an additional polyurethane layer to your carpeting also reduces noise due to its insulating features. It muffles the sound of foot traffic as well as airborne noise, making it ideal for areas with open floor plans that require a certain amount of quiet. 

Carpet backing should be installed professionally to reap these benefits. To discuss adding a layer of polyurethane to your home or office’s carpeting, ask the professionals from Georgia Carpet Finishers. Call them today at (706) 695-3600, or visit their website for a more in-depth look at their carpet and rug backing solutions. 

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