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Learn How a Bathroom Remodel Can Increase Property Value Before a Sale December 21, 2017

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Learn How a Bathroom Remodel Can Increase Property Value Before a Sale, Park Falls, Wisconsin

Property value is the magic number that will either make selling your house a profitable transaction or a disappointing investment. Before you put the sign in your front yard, completing a bathroom remodel may be the key to upping your list price. Bathrooms will always be a selling point in real estate, and buyers look for quality updates. If your home’s bathrooms could use work, follow this guide to make worthwhile improvements.

A Guide to Making Money With a Bathroom Remodel

Finding a Balance

bathroom remodelIn some areas, a bathroom remodel could recoup over 100% of the cost. The average home buyer will turn away from something overtly luxurious; they’re more attracted to basic upgrades with one or two “wow” features. When making your budget, start with the priorities like new flooring and updated plumbing features. Ask around for different quotes and find a contractor you feel comfortable with. An honest contractor will help you find room in the budget for small splurges without going over the top.

Worthwhile Upgrades

Remember to design your new bathroom based on what the general population of buyers will like to see. Neutral colors combined with timeless features will appeal to the most people. You want the bathroom to feel almost like a blank slate that the new owner can turn into their personal space. Upgrade the features, but don’t feel like you need to go all the way to the high end because most people won’t be able to tell the difference. When choosing your “wow” features, consider heated flooring or a rainfall shower head. They’re simple luxuries that are always appreciated.

When the contractor has cleaned up their tools, you can make your new bathroom look even more attractive with accessories. Stage the room with towels, replace the old shower curtain, and place a vase of fresh flowers on the counter. It’ll help buyers see the room at its full potential.


Wisconsin homeowners know they can trust Park Falls Building & Hardware for quality remodeling services. Their team has been a part of the community for over 30 years, and they specialize in getting homes ready to sell. Call them at (715) 762-3255 to request a bathroom remodel quote. You’ll also learn more about them online.