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3 Components to Look for When Shopping for a New Down Comforter January 2, 2018

Mason, Warren
3 Components to Look for When Shopping for a New Down Comforter, Mason, Ohio

A quality down comforter is essential for a good night’s sleep. Not only does it help you to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the night, but it also adds a comforting layer of weight, which increases feelings of security. But, with the abundance of options available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right product. The easiest way to simplify this decision is to focus on the following three components.

3 Signs of a Superior Down Comforter

Fill Power

Fill power is one of the first features you will encounter when shopping for a down comforter. It reveals how many feathers per ounce were used during the manufacturing process and determines just how warm these products will be. High fill power, for example, is a method that uses large quantities of down in production and creates a comforter that’s substantially fluffy. Low fill power uses fewer feathers and will provide a cooler cover for sleeping.

Types of Down

down comforterThere are two different types of down used in comforters. Goose down is considered higher-end as it’s plucked at a more mature stage, which provides a fuller appearance and a pricier product. Duck down, on the other hand, is slightly less mature when plucked and sizes are a little more inconsistent, but it provides similar comfort for a lower price.

Stitching Patterns

The last thing you want to worry about with a new down comforter is the possibility of clumping. The stitching can indicate its future: if it has what’s known as a baffle-box design, or a grid-like appearance, then you are less likely to have lumps.


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