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An Electrical Contractor Shares 3 Hazards of Malfunctioning Appliances December 6, 2017

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An Electrical Contractor Shares 3 Hazards of Malfunctioning Appliances , Ewa, Hawaii

Your toaster and refrigerator probably aren't the first things that come to mind when you think of health hazards in the home. But appliances can pose risks—especially when they're malfunctioning—and it's best to be prepared for the worst by knowing the potential dangers when they break down or start behaving unpredictably. Jacob Electric, an electrical contractor in Ewa Beach, HI, shares a few of the top electrical dangers malfunctioning appliances can pose. 

The Top 3 Electrical Dangers From Appliances

1. Power Surges

Although most homes have surge protectors, these devices usually don't protect homeowners from all the electrical apparatuses in their home. Old appliances can actually cause electrical surges when they're turned on. If these surges happen often enough, they can permanently damage other electronics on the same circuit as the flawed appliance. 

2. Fire

electrical contractorOne of the very worst electrical hazards posed by appliances is a fire. These usually arise when a malfunctioning device causes an electrical short that sparks a small fire in or near the machine or, less often, through arcing. In either case, pocket-sized fires can amplify quickly if they're near drapes, curtains, or other fabrics. 

3. Shocks

Some appliances, like microwaves, can deliver electrical shocks if they're not functioning properly. The result of surges and other problems conducting electricity from its sources, these shocks can even occur when the appliance in question is unplugged. In instances like these, it's best to reach out to an electrical contractor. 

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