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3 Things Family Planning Doctors Want You to Know About Birthing Class December 6, 2017

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3 Things Family Planning Doctors Want You to Know About Birthing Class, Greece, New York

When your family planning doctor recommends a birthing class to get ready for your baby, you may wonder what to expect. Many women who are pregnant for the first time have never been in a seminar for expectant mothers or heard much about what happens in the program. Greece Obstetrics and Gynecology in Rochester, NY, care about helping their patients be as ready and excited for their infant’s birth as possible. In the list below, their obstetrics physicians explain a few things that make up the core of a birthing class. 

What to Expect in a Birth & Family Planning Class

Labor Basics 

No matter whether you are in a Lamaze, Bradley Method, or ICEA class, you will learn the most important information about labor and birth. These tenants include how the fetus sends chemical messages to the mother’s brain, which begins childbirth, as well as what feelings and developments to expect at each stage of the labor process. You will also learn more about the delivery of the placenta, how the baby descends through the birth canal, and why some babies come out face down while others arrive into the world face up. 

Pain Management Strategies 

Rochester-Family-PlanningMost first-time mothers are eager to know how to manage pain during birth. Your class will discuss pain management strategies in detail, including the different natural and chemical types available to you and how to cope naturally. Some courses focus on breathing or visualization techniques, while others may recommend different positions or relaxing during labor with a massage or warm bath. 

Birth Videos 

It is true – these programs also include a video of a real, live birth. While it can be shocking to watch, most expectant mothers find it helps them understand what the process is like and makes them feel more in control of their labor. Some women and their partners get a little squeamish, but it is the most efficient way for instructors to illustrate childbirth.

By understanding what happens in your birthing class, you will be better prepared for the course and more motivated to receive the instruction you need. To discuss your family planning with an obstetrics physician, call Greece Obstetrics and Gynecology in Rochester, NY, at (585) 225-6680. To learn more about their OB-GYN services team, gynecological care, and new evening hours, visit their website or follow them on Twitter

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