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3 Questions You Should Ask a Colonoscopy Doctor January 12, 2018

Owen Brown, Savage
3 Questions You Should Ask a Colonoscopy Doctor, Savage, Maryland

During a colonoscopy exam, your doctor uses a camera to look inside your large intestine for signs of disease or abnormalities. If you’re looking to schedule the procedure, it’s important to have questions prepared to ask the doctor ahead of time. This is the best way to ensure they are qualified and make the preparations necessary for a successful exam.

What to Ask Before Getting a Colonoscopy

1. What Is Your Adenoma Detection Rate?

colonoscopyTo measure the quality of their performance with colonoscopy exams, doctors are expected to record their adenoma detection rate. Adenoma is the medical term for polyps in the colon that could potentially turn into cancer. The higher their percentage is, the greater the chances of cancer prevention are.

2. How Can I Best Prepare for the Procedure?

To ensure a successful exam, your doctor should recommend a preparation diet that consists of liquids and laxatives a day or two prior to the procedure. If you don’t follow the doctor’s instructions properly, you may have to repeat the exam a second time.

3. When Will I Have to Return for a Follow-Up?

If your colonoscopy results turn out negative for polyps and you are not at a high risk for colon cancer, your doctor will likely not need to see you again for another 10 years. If the doctor was unable to reach the large intestine during the exam, they will have to schedule a follow-up procedure much sooner.


If you are due for a colonoscopy and need a doctor you can trust, turn to Dr. Russell O. Schub in Columbia, MD. His adenoma detection rate is 61% for men and 75% for women, well above the national averages of 25% and 15%, respectively. Contact the office today at (410) 730-1000 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website to learn more about the procedure. 

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