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4 Clear Signs It's Time to Replace Your Car's Muffler December 5, 2017

Ocean Hill, Brooklyn
4 Clear Signs It's Time to Replace Your Car's Muffler, Brooklyn, New York

With time and use, it’s not uncommon for a vehicle’s muffler to wear out and need replacement services from a local mechanic. Changing out this auto part is also necessary to avoid the safety hazards its breakdown can result in. Learning about the telltale signs of a problematic muffler can help you prepare for any necessary services ahead of time. Read on to get insights into these indications so you can keep an eye out for them.

4 Clear Signs of Muffler Troubles

1. Noisy Exhaust

A muffler acts as a soundproofing mechanism to prevent your car from making unpleasant noises while on the road. However, damage to this component takes a toll on its ability to muffle loud sounds and leads to a noisily operating vehicle while driving. Spare yourself and other motorists from the grating sound of metal parts by investing in a replacement right away.

2. Moisture in Exhaust Pipes

MufflerWhile it's not unusual for condensation to build up inside the exhaust system, the resulting moisture can lead to faster corrosion of the pipes and other components. Exposure to condensed water droplets is also detrimental to the muffler’s outer metallic lining, causing it to rust out and break down over time.

3. Lower Fuel-Efficiency

Does your car seem to be consuming fuel at a faster rate, warranting more frequent runs to the gas station? Reduced fuel-efficiency is often a symptom of a faulty muffler and should be inspected by an auto mechanic in a timely manner.

4. Fume Emission

Faults with the muffler and exhaust system are particularly notorious for causing dangerous fume emissions from your car. Ingesting these lead-filled fumes can be hazardous to your health and necessitate replacing the faltering components urgently. These toxic emissions are typically accompanied by an unpleasant odor, making it easier to spot and address them right away.


Consulting the experts at Discount Auto Repair can give you further information about muffler troubles to watch out for. They furnish car owners throughout Brooklyn, NY, and the surrounding areas with top-tier vehicle diagnostic services. For further information about their repair solutions, call (718) 922-7079 or visit their website.

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