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3 Types of Insulation You Should Know About December 1, 2017

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3 Types of Insulation You Should Know About, Middletown, New York

If you’re planning on building a new home, you have many decisions to make. You’ll choose everything from the exterior style to the interior hardware and appliances. Before you get into the aesthetic details, though, you should consider insulation. Below, Home Foam Insulation in Denver, NY, explains three common types that you might want to use in your home.

Homeowners Should Know About These 3 Types of Insulation

1. Fiberglass

insulation-denver-nyThis low-price, environmentally friendly insulation looks like fluffy cotton candy but is dangerous to handle without safety gear. Your contractors will wear masks and gloves as well as safety glasses or goggles while installing this material, as it can contain shards of glass and glass powder. Once in place, this material is highly effective as insulation and is no longer a safety hazard.

2. Spray Foam

This easily installed insulation is lauded for saving home and business owners up to 50% on heating costs thanks to the perfect fit and its ability to prevent the movement of air. You won’t have to worry about cutting anything to fit with this insulation method, as it’s simply sprayed in place.

3. Rigid Board

The often-pink polystyrene boards are only an inch or two thick and provide excellent insulation for their thin size. This material requires a bit of a time commitment, as you must cut it to fit your needs. It can even be used on the exterior of homes so long as you add weatherproofing.

Whether you go with the most eco-friendly, energy-efficient, or affordable insulation option, there are many varieties to choose from. Talk with your contractor to learn what variety will best suit your needs. To discuss insulation with the experts at Home Foam Insulation, call (845) 594-7413. Visit the website for information on their spray foam insulation services and over 10 years of safe and efficient installation in the Catskills.

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