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4 Reasons Quality Child Care Is So Important December 7, 2017

Rochester, Monroe
4 Reasons Quality Child Care Is So Important, Rochester, New York

While child care is a necessity for many working parents, those who can be at home with their young ones often wonder about the merits of such programs. However, quality care is about more than just ensuring your child’s safety during the day. These programs have been shown to improve children’s verbal and academic skills, while helping to prepare them for kindergarten and grade school. To learn more about the benefits of a preschool and day care programs, continue reading below.

Why Quality Child Care Is Essential

1. Social Skills

One of the most frequently overlooked benefits of early child care programs is social development. For kids who are the only child or whose siblings are much older, day care and preschool programs are the first real opportunity they have to interact with other children their own age. These interactions teach them important lessons about sharing, friendship, and respect for others.

2. School Readiness

Preschool, day care, and other child care programs are an excellent way to help prepare your little one for school. In addition to exposing kids to early reading and math skills, these programs mimic the structure and schedule your child will have when they begin kindergarten or first grade. As a result, kids who are enrolled in these activities are often more prepared and adapt more easily to the demands of grade school.

3. Brain Development

child careThe first five years are absolutely vital to your child’s mental development. Upwards of 85% of their brain development occurs during this time, making exposure to various stimuli a necessity. Quality child care programs help foster this growth by introducing your little one to concrete and abstract concepts, including reading, math, art, and music. Early exposure to these subjects has been shown to improve a child’s chances of success well into adulthood.

4. Peace of Mind for Parents

As a parent, you always want to do what is right for your son or daughter. A quality day care program is one of the best ways to do so. In addition to ensuring your child is cared for during the day, these programs also help prepare them for the academic and social challenges they will face in the future. You can rest easy knowing they are having fun and learning in a safe environment during the day.


To enroll your son or daughter in a quality child care program, contact Imagination Childcare Academy. Located in Rochester, NY, this top-tier learning center is staffed by state-certified educators and features a curriculum designed to stimulate your child’s mind and senses. To learn more about their programs, including universal pre-K and after-school activities, visit their website, or call (585) 413-3948 to schedule a visit today.

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