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Your Guide to Consumer-Directed Services December 7, 2017

Your Guide to Consumer-Directed Services, Wentzville, Missouri

If you or someone you know is suffering from a debilitating medical condition or disability, they may greatly benefit from the skilled services of a home health aide. A free Medicaid-based program designed to assist those who require regular medical attention and support, consumer-directed services, or CDS, allow individuals to receive the treatment they need while remaining in the comforts of home.

How Can I Benefit from CDS?

What Is a Consumer-Directed Services Program?

Consumer-directed services can greatly improve the lives of people in need of in-home health care. A state-funded caregiving program, CDS is covered by Medicaid insurance and free to the consumer. As a result, people who need disability care can receive the required assistance without experiencing severe financial loss.

Who Is Eligible for CDS?

consumer-directed servicesThose with physical impairments and medical demands that require a nursing facility level of care qualify for personal care services. Generally, patients must be 18 years or older and be able to live independently at home. Furthermore, a person must be Medicaid-approved to benefit from the CDS program.

What Services Can a Home Health Aide Provide?

From housework to personal care, a home health aide can provide a variety of services. For instance, a caregiver can perform cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, and laundry assistance on the behalf of immobilized individuals. Additionally, they can transport patients to and from destinations, as well as pick up prescription medications. Personal care services can also provide bathing, dressing, grooming, and toilet assistance. Lastly, for those persons with limited social interaction, private home care can provide them with the companionship they need to live happy and healthy lives.  


From senior care to veteran assistance, CDS can transform the lives of those who wish to receive treatment in their home environment. Located in Florissant, Missouri, A Better Life Health Care Network is dedicated to provided premium personal care services to those in need of in-home health care. Serving the Greater St. Louis area, their considerate and compassionate caregivers are background checked and can be hand selected at the patient’s discretion. Call (314) 266-0289 to schedule an appointment with one of their certified consumer-directed services specialists and visit them online  to learn how you can benefit from the specialized services of a home health aide.

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