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Lawn Care Tips to Prep Your Yard for Winter December 5, 2017

Long Valley, Morris County
Lawn Care Tips to Prep Your Yard for Winter, Long Valley, New Jersey

If you are in the middle of prepping your home for wintertime, don’t forget to take a few vital lawn care steps. If you put your plants to bed properly before the cold sets in, you will see a difference in the quality of regrowth come spring. DRS Lawn & Landscape specializes in ensuring their Long Valley, NJ, customers have beautiful properties. Below, they outline the top three ways you can prepare your plants for the cold season.

Lawn Care Steps to Take to Ready Your Plants for Winter

1. Remove Dead Vegetation & Weeds

First, clear out dead or old vegetation and weeds. Although it might not be apparent, oftentimes, dead vegetation carries disease with it. By removing this debris early on, you give your garden a chance to start fresh the following season. If any plants are covered in mold, mildew, or blight, burn these to avoid an infestation throughout your yard.

2. Mulch

lawn careOnce you’ve removed old debris and dead vegetation, add 1” to 2” of finished compost, as well as some old mulch. Mulch protects the integrity of your soil while warding off weeds and bug infestations. Once the ground freezes, diseases and pests will be killed off. 

3. Prepare Your Perennials

Prior to the first frost, clip any perennial plants down to the stem and within an inch of the ground. Collect any clippings and remove them, along with the other debris. Mulch around the stems to reduce the chances of your plants freezing and re-freezing throughout the harsh New Jersey winter.

While it can be a bit of work, taking a few important steps prior to the first frost will make a big difference in how your garden rejuvenates in the springtime. The experts at DRS Lawn & Landscape are on hand to assist you with any lawn care needs. Since 1991, they’ve offered a wide variety of quality services, including residential and commercial landscaping and hardscaping. Call them today at (908) 879-0600, or visit their website for more information. 

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