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Retiring From a Career in Real Estate? EXIT Realty Makes It Easy November 24, 2017

Logan Square, Chicago
Retiring From a Career in Real Estate? EXIT Realty Makes It Easy, Chicago, Illinois

Most real estate agents are familiar with fluctuating income associated with this job path. Although careers in real estate are rewarding, it can sometimes make for uncertainty, especially when it comes to retirement planning. That is why franchise ownership with EXIT Realty Upper Midwest offers a clear path to success and consistent income, as well as proven tools to create a well-funded retirement plan. Here is a little more information about EXIT Realty’s innovative retirement plan for real estate agents.

How EXIT Realty Can Make Your Retirement Dreams Come True

Sponsoring & How Agents Earn Retirement Money

Careers in real estateAs an EXIT Realty broker, you have the opportunity to sponsor new brokers to the company. That new agent earns 70% commission on all sales. As their sponsor, you receive 10% commission of their gross earnings in addition to your regular sales. Now imagine you sponsored 10, 15, or 20 agents. You would earn that same 10% commission on each agent’s gross sales for as long as they remained with the company. This residual income has the potential to grow exponentially and fund a healthy retirement account from passive income.

Income During Retirement

With this exciting retirement plan, you can still earn money when you retire from your career in real estate. In fact, you continue to receive a commission on your sponsored agents’ earnings. Your commission during retirement is 7% of their gross income, which remains in effect as long as the agent is employed with the company.

Beneficiaries & Passing of Benefits

You also have the option to designate a beneficiary to receive your funds if you pass away. The named individual(s) would receive 5% commission from each of your sponsored agents’ gross sales.

This model of retirement funding is one only previously seen in industries such as sports or entertainment. Implementing such an innovative model helps agents navigate the uncertainties involved in retirement planning. To learn more about the EXIT Realty retirement plan, view the video below. Call EXIT Realty Upper Midwest at (612) 414 4022, or visit their website for more information about careers in real estate.

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