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Famous African Tribal Artifacts From Cameroon December 12, 2017

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Famous African Tribal Artifacts From Cameroon, Martinsburg, West Virginia

Known for its original art, Cameroon’s visionary treasures are incomparable. From ornamental sculptures to carved jewelry, each piece exudes a certain intricacy emblematic of even the most discerning art lover’s tastes. At Queen Street Gallery in Martinsburg, WV, visitors can select from a broad selection of African tribal artifacts that offer wonderful perspective and historical insight.

Here are a few highlights of the famous works derived from Cameroonian artists:

  • Bamileke Mask: This bold, awe-inspiring figure is considered a talisman for fertility. Depicting a male in a state of undress with a broad body, protruding eyes, and raffia hair, it is crafted of wood.
  • African tribal artifactsBamileke Stool: No ordinary step stool, the Bamileke stool features an intricately carved leopard with a wide back, sharp teeth, and beady eyes peeking out from beneath furrowed brows. The table above has a decorate carving around the perimeter.
  • Brass Armlets: Featuring bold geometric patterns, these artfully crafted armlets derive from Cameroon’s Kapsiki people and are typically made from bronze.
  • Juju Hats: Once a costume worn by Cameroon’s regal dancers, the headdress known as the Juju Hat is one of the boldest pieces of headwear in the history of African art. It’s known in particular for its vibrant plumes. In the modern age, it is displayed on walls as a piece of original art.
  • Bamileke Drums: The Bamileke drums are synonymous with unique art thanks to their intricate workmanship. The famous African tribal artifacts are often decorated with fanciful carvings of animals and historic figures that symbolized power and prestige.

If you’re fascinated by the many African tribal artifacts that have carved their place in creative history, you’ll find a vast selection at Queen Street Gallery. Among them are treasures from Cameroon, including antique prints and maps, sculptures, and vintage posters. Visit the antique shop’s website to learn more, or call (304) 263-9495.

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