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Why Tutors Recommend Starting Standardized Test Prep Early December 22, 2017

Hackensack, Bergen County
Why Tutors Recommend Starting Standardized Test Prep Early, Hackensack, New Jersey

The SAT and ACT are crucial parts of the college admissions process, and every parent wants their child to excel. Signing your student up for standardized test preparation with a knowledgeable tutor is the best way to help them get ready. Here, the team at MindsAhead Academy, New Jersey’s preferred learning center, explains why students should start test prep around their sophomore year of high school.

4 Reasons to Start Preparing for Standardized Tests Early

1. Spreads Out Studying

Everyone knows procrastinating can hurt test scores, and the same is true for the ACT and SAT. Starting a prep program during the 10th grade lets students study for a little over a year before their first attempt at the exam. Dedicating this much time to individualized practice with a tutor will increase your child’s understanding of the test format and expose them to the material that often appears in each section.

2. Increases Testing Options

tutor Edison NJA student who is prepared to take their test earlier in the year has more dates to choose from. If they need or want to retake the exam to boost their score, then they will still have enough time to do so before college application deadlines approach. Having their scores early in the process can even help them pick school based on their academic strengths and interests.

3. Reduces Stress

A student’s junior and senior years of high school are filled with important classes, exams, and extracurriculars that make them appealing college applicants. Preparing for the SAT or ACT can make this period even more stressful, which could impact their scores. Working with a tutor as early as sophomore year will give your child the confidence they need to do well on the exam and their classes.

4. Gives Students a Competitive Edge

High test scores make students stand out to college admissions officers, but persistence also makes a positive impression. If your child didn’t do as well as they hoped, they’ll have the experience necessary to improve their performance on the second attempt. Students who demonstrate their willingness to keep trying until they succeed show they have the skills necessary to thrive in the college setting.  

Preparing for standardized tests doesn’t need to be stressful. Boost your child’s likelihood of success by working with a test prep tutor. MindsAhead Academy offers highly qualified and trained math, writing, and English tutors to help students master their entrance exams. For younger children, they have a wide variety of social and academic skill development sessions, such as their MindsBee enrichment program. This learning center is dedicated to ensuring your child has the brightest educational future ahead of them. Call (201) 270-8684 or visit them online to learn more.

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