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5 Tips for Making Dog Boarding a Success This Holiday November 28, 2017

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5 Tips for Making Dog Boarding a Success This Holiday, High Point, North Carolina

The holiday season is one of the most popular times of year to travel. People from all over the world use this time to visit loved ones, go back home, or take a much-needed vacation from the stresses of everyday life. For dog owners, however, holiday travel can be a tricky venture. Arranging travel for your pup is expensive, and many vacation locales do not allow canine guests. To accommodate the needs of their pets during this time, many owners choose dog boarding centers. Learn how to prepare your pup for boarding by reading the advice below.

How to Make Dog Boarding a Success This Holiday

1. Do Your Research

Thoroughly research any dog boarding center before leaving your pup there. Check their hours, facilities, and read reviews by other pet owners who have previously used their services. Ideally, the facility should include an outdoor area and other animals for your pet to play with. If possible, try to visit the location ahead of time, and bring your dog with you to see how they respond.

2. Book in Advance

The period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is the busiest for most boarding centers. To ensure you’ll have a spot, try to make your reservation at least two months in advance. If your top choice is particularly busy this time of year, keep a couple of backup options in mind should you need them.

3. Get a Check-Up

Visit your veterinarian a few weeks before the intended boarding period for a full check-up. During this visit, your vet can update your pet’s vaccines and determine if they are healthy enough for boarding. In addition to ensuring your pet’s safety, most dog boarding centers require a clean bill of health to admit your pup.

4. Pack Familiar Items

dog boardingPack a bag of your pet’s favorite items before dropping them off. Include food, snacks, and one or two of their toys. These items will help to ease the transition and make your pup feel at home while you’re gone.

5. Provide Contact Info

Before leaving the facility, speak to an employee regarding emergency contact info. Provide them with a number where they can reach you as well as an e-mail address. If you expect you will have limited service, establish a backup contact or provide the number for an emergency vet in your area.


For quality dog boarding in High Point, NC, check out High Point Veterinary Hospital. This animal hospital has been serving the community for over 20 years and includes comfortable boarding accommodations for multiple pets, including cats. To learn more about their services, visit the website or call (336) 889-3832 to schedule an appointment today.

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