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A Guide to Flu Shots & Egg Allergies December 7, 2017

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A Guide to Flu Shots & Egg Allergies, Darien, Connecticut

If you have an egg allergy, a flu shot may not be a trigger you’re concerned about. However, the Immediate Medical Care Center reminds patients that although minimal, there is a slight risk of a reaction when receiving an influenza vaccine. As a patient safety advocate, this Darien, CT, walk-in clinic explains the connection between flu vaccines and egg allergies—and how you can protect yourself by using alternative solutions.

What Patients Should Know About Flu Shots & Egg Allergies

How Can Vaccines Trigger a Reaction?

The majority of influenza vaccines are developed in facilities that rely on egg-based incubation technologies to isolate virus strains. While rare, egg proteins may still be present in the final vaccine and could potentially trigger a reaction when injected into a patient.

What Is the Risk of an Allergic Reaction?

flu shotBoth the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention observe a very limited risk of using conventional flu vaccines in patients with egg allergies. Specifically, CDC research has shown that anaphylaxis—or a severe reaction—occur in only around one in one million of immunizations administered.

In general, standard vaccine formulas are safe for patients with egg allergies. When reactions do occur, the symptoms are usually minor ones, such as temporary itching and a stuffy nose.

What Are the Current Guidelines?

In the past, the CDC recommended individuals with egg allergies remain in the doctor’s office for 30 minutes for observation after receiving the immunization. Today, this precaution is no longer deemed necessary. Still, it’s recommended that shots be given in a medical setting under the care of a health care professional who is trained to recognize and respond to allergic reactions.

Additionally, those who have experienced anaphylaxis, nausea, or severe hives from consuming eggs should look into alternative immunization options.

What Alternatives Can I Use if I Have a Serious Egg Allergy?

Although severe allergies should be taken seriously, you shouldn’t avoid getting protection from the dangers of influenza. Instead of using a traditional formulation, you can safely receive any other licensed flu vaccine that isn’t at risk of containing egg proteins. These options can include Flucelvax® or Flublok®.

Whether you’re allergic to eggs or not, immunization is crucial to protecting your health and that of the people around you. To improve your chances of staying healthy this influenza season, Immediate Medical Care Center offers comprehensive flu shot options at their walk-in clinic in Darien, CT. If you’re unsure about your risk, this trusted health care team can also provide allergy testing in addition to many other medical services. Learn more about their resources online or call (203) 322-3700 with questions about care.

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