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Ashland’s Top Electrician Explains 3 Signs That You Need New Wiring December 5, 2017

Normal, Ashland
Ashland’s Top Electrician Explains 3 Signs That You Need New Wiring, Ashland, Kentucky

While wires may be mostly out of sight and out of mind, they need some attention to ensure they are safe and working effectively. With some guidance from a top electrician like Mueller Electric of Ashland, KY, you can quickly gain the knowledge necessary to diagnose basic issues with your wiring. Here are three common indicators that you may need a replacement or a repair. 

An Electrician’s Guide to Wiring Problems

Frayed Wires

electricianA great way to check on your wires is to give them a simple visual inspection. If you notice any fraying, breaking, splitting, or other signs of damage, they may not only be working ineffectively, but they could also be a serious fire hazard. Periodically conduct a casual scan to develop a basic report on the state of your wires. 

Dim Lighting

You can also get a sense of the condition of your wires through their performance. A major warning sign is if the lighting around your home has been noticeably less bright. Of course, it’s worth checking first to see if you simply need to replace the bulb. But if you’re still having the same issue afterward, the wires may be doing a poor job transmitting electricity. 

Tripped Circuits

As wires age and begin to break down, they become less adept at handling higher voltages. With problematic wiring, using just a few appliances at once may trip the circuit. If you’ve had to make consistent trips to your circuit breaker, you may be facing damaged wires.  

If you’ve noticed any of these issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to Mueller Electric. Offering everything from electrical maintenance to emergency electric repair, the professionals will help you whenever you need. To set up an appointment, just call (606) 325-0275. Learn more about the electrician by visiting their website

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