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3 Tips for the Most Effective Deer Fencing December 7, 2017

Clinton, Island
3 Tips for the Most Effective Deer Fencing, Clinton, Washington

While they may be beautiful, deer can be a serious menace when they get too close to your property. They can chew up and trod on all of your greenery, as well as take up valuable room on your land. A well-built fence will help set a firm boundary, but not all materials will get the job done. With some guidance from a deer fencing expert from McBride Fence Inc. of Whidbey Island, WA, you’ll quickly learn the best strategy for setting up a sturdy perimeter. 

Here are three tips to make the most out of your deer fencing: 

  • Build High: Deer are extraordinarily adept at jumping, so it’s usually wise to install fencing with some height. One of at least six feet should be enough to deter even a bold animal from attempting a jump. The other advantage of installing a taller fence is it blocks the deer’s line of vision. When they have a limited sightline, they’re more likely to be wary of potential predators, so there’s a good chance they’ll stay away. 
  • deer fencingDouble Up: While building high is a great solution, some property owners don’t like the look. In those cases, you can install a shorter fence and then put in a second row a few feet behind it. By creating that second border, a deer will have nowhere to land, discouraging it from taking a leap. 
  • Give Support: Deer are smart animals and will probe your fence for any vulnerable spots. If you’re using a simple wire one, it’s important to install weighted supports so the deer isn’t able to tip the boundary over. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with more animals on your property and have to pay for a fence repair. When you add in those sturdy anchor points, the deer can nudge your fence all it wants, but it won’t make any progress. 

For the best deer fencing options, don’t hesitate to reach out to McBride Fence Inc. The professionals will come through with a swift installation that keeps even the most pesky deer at bay. To begin a conversation about your needs, call (360) 579-2957. Learn more about the company by visiting their website