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The Difference Between Gum & Tooth Sensitivity December 6, 2017

The Difference Between Gum & Tooth Sensitivity, Anchorage, Alaska

When there’s an issue with either your gums or your teeth, it can quickly become uncomfortable for you. Both types of pain should always be addressed by a dentist, as they usually indicate a deeper problem. Your dentist at Four Corners Dental Group serves patients with both types of oral health issues in both Wasilla and Anchorage, AK. They have shared the common signs and causes of both types of pain below.

Gum Sensitivity

dentistGum sensitivity can occur short-term if your gums experience some sort of trauma such as an extremely hot beverage or a sharp object in your mouth. However, long-term sensitivity is usually an indication of gingivitis or the first stage of the gum disease periodontitis. In addition to pain, the gums may appear red, swollen, or may even bleed when you eat or brush your teeth. This is usually a result of poor oral care, as plaque and bacteria build up along the gum line and infect the gums. When left untreated by a dentist, it can lead to advanced gum disease, receding gums, and the loss of teeth or bone.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is pain from deep inside your tooth. It can range from mild to severe. It may feel worse when you apply pressure to the tooth, such as when you chew or brush your teeth, or by exposure to an extreme temperature. Tooth pain can result from a wide range of problems, such as gum disease, cavities, loose fillings, or a cracked tooth. An emergency dentist should be able to look at your tooth and tell you what is causing the pain.

If you experience pain or sensitivity in either your gums or teeth, contact Four Corners Dental Group by calling (907) 258-3384 for an appointment with a dentist in the Anchorage location and (907) 376-2790 for the Wasilla location. The sooner you get treatment, the more pain and damage you’ll avoid. Their experienced team offers complete family dentistry services, from preventative care to emergency appointments. Their affordable dental care makes beautiful and healthy smiles possible for the whole family. 

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