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5 Milestones to Look for Throughout Child Development November 28, 2017

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5 Milestones to Look for Throughout Child Development , Grand Island, Nebraska

For first-time parents, raising a child is new, exciting, and unfamiliar. As such, it’s not always easy to know what to look for to ensure your little one’s development is on track. Learning about the common milestones expected during key growth stages can help parents stay informed as they monitor child development. Here, the team of pediatricians from Children & Adolescent Clinic PC in Hastings and Grand Island, NE, list some common milestones you can look for in your child as they grow.  

5 Child Development Milestones

1. Responding to Their Name

By seven months, most children will turn their heads if they’re called. At this point, they should also begin to recognize familiar faces, make sounds to show happiness or displeasure, and enjoy looking at themselves in a mirror.

2. Imitation

By one year of age, children should begin trying to imitate the words their parents use. They can also participate in games like “peek-a-boo,” and use gestures like waving goodbye or shaking their head to signify “no.” At this age, they should also be able to say “mama” and “dada.”

3. Using Words

At 18 months, children’s vocabularies will expand, and they’ll be able to say several single words. You may also witness them playing pretend, such as pushing toy cars or “feeding” stuffed animals. They should also follow simple commands, like sitting down when told to do so.

4. Developing Phrases

By age two, toddlers should be able to string together phrases of two to four words. Two-year-olds should also start distinguishing among different shapes and colors and name common items in picture books like cars, apples, and dogs.

5. Speaking in Sentences

child developmentOnce children approach three years of age, they’ll speak in sentences of four to five words. Social behaviors should also begin to develop, such as the ability to take turns during games or imitate playmates when certain actions like running or jumping are performed. Regarding everyday skills, three-year-olds can usually dress themselves and pedal tricycles.

The attentive team from Children & Adolescent Clinic PC is available to discuss any questions you may have about child development. Their specialists excel in routine services like vaccinations, as well as behavioral health issues. Schedule an appointment with the pediatricians by calling (402) 463-6828 for their Hastings office or (308) 675-3171 for their Grand Island office. You can also visit their website for more information.

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