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What Should & Shouldn't Go in Grease Traps? December 5, 2017

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What Should & Shouldn't Go in Grease Traps?, Dalton, Georgia

Grease traps are an important component of an efficient plumbing system. They catch oils and fatty solids poured down kitchen sink drains before they can reach the septic system and clog the equipment. To prevent unexpected malfunctions and costly repairs, below is a brief breakdown of what should and shouldn’t be placed in the device. 

A Concise Guide to What You Can & Can’t Put Down Grease Traps

1. Boiling Water

grease trapIf the grease trap is connected to the sink, boiling water should never be poured down the drain. When the liquid makes contact with the trap, it will liquefy the fats, oils, and grease the equipment is holding. The sludge could enter the sewer pipe and cause damage. 

2. Fat, Grease, & Oil Residue

To prevent clogged drains and additional plumbing malfunctions, it’s best to dispose of solid food residue in the trash can before washing the dishes. The grease trap is really only designed to catch the remaining small amounts of grease, fats, and oils left behind. Common foods that produce these byproducts include butter, lard, fat burn-off from cooked meat, and mayonnaise. 

3. Drain Cleaners

If you experience a clog, it’s best to call a septic cleaning specialist to snake out the blockage. Pouring liquid drain cleaners into the system will kill the bacteria the grease trap needs to do its job. Using bleach for cleaning will also cause the same outcome.   


If your grease trap is in need of cleaning, or you require additional septic system repairs, the professionals at A-1 Pumping Service and Drain Cleaning in Dalton, GA, will help. To schedule a service appointment, call (706) 272-3352 to speak with a representative. Visit the company online for a complete list of the services they provide.  

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