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How Teapresso Bar Makes Their Bubble Tea December 5, 2017

How Teapresso Bar Makes Their Bubble Tea, Honolulu, Hawaii

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan in the 1980s and has become popular all over the world in recent years. Visitors and locals in Honolulu, HI, often get their boba fix at Teaspresso Bar, the area’s leading brew-to-order tea establishment. What sets their drinks apart? While many shops use flavored powders, Teapresso Bar starts with fresh organic tea and adds your favorite flavorings and milks.

What Is Bubble Tea?

bubble teaTraditionally, bubble tea starts with a tea base that’s mixed with fruit or milk. The bubbles, or boba, are tapioca balls that provide a delicious and sweet flavor. Customers also have the option of adding jelly flavored with fruit or herbs. Today, some shops use powdered mixes to create drinks quickly and offer a wide range of flavors.

Though the beverage was invented in Taiwan, bubble tea quickly spread to Japan and Hong Kong. From there, it reached Chinatown shops all over the world. Today, these drinks can be found in almost every major city, though recipes may vary.

What Is the Teapresso Bar Way?

While some establishments use powders, Teaspresso Bar only uses fresh milk, tea, and fruit. Every cup starts with one of their organic teas, including jasmine, green, and oolong. They top their drinks with your choice of traditional tapioca pearls, sweet bursting boba, or flavored jelly. You can further customize the beverage with milk, natural fruit flavorings, and sweeteners like honey. The shop’s extensive menu offers a nearly endless array of combinations!

Bubble tea is a sweet treat enjoyed around the world, and the secret to a delicious cup is fresh organic tea. When you want to taste the difference a brewed-to-order drink makes, visit Teaspresso Bar and sample one of their unique menu items. To learn more about the shop’s selection of fresh teas, authentic mix-in ingredients, and delicious blended beverages, call (808) 591-1840 or visit them online. Like them on Facebook to learn about their specials and promotions.

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