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What Is the History of Craft Beer Shops? December 11, 2017

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What Is the History of Craft Beer Shops?, Clayton, Georgia

The 1970s brought about a change in the beer brewing industry. The catalyst was a federal law passed by President Jimmy Carter legalizing home brewing in 1978. Eventually, this led to the emergence of craft beer shops and a reemergence of small and independent breweries.

Craft Brewing as an American Innovation

It’s surprising that the United States was the place that led to the rise of craft brewing, even though Americans were never known for liking beer. However, other countries were limited in their regulations and customs. For example, a purity law from 1516 only allowed German breweries to use barley, hops, and water. At the same time, Belgian and English beer selections had established themselves over the centuries based on local customs. American immigrants also brought various brewing traditions with them, which led to innovation.

craft beer shopAfter President Carter legalized brewing from home, the quality of beer from small breweries improved. By the early 1990s, beer was no longer seen as a mass-produced drink without character. Instead, craft beer shops sold a higher volume of beer every year. The number of available craft beers went from eight in 1980 to an astounding 2,800 by 2013.

Craft Beer Shops Remain Popular

Craft beer is the fastest growing segment of the beer market, even though craft breweries come and go. In total, the numbers of craft beers and breweries continue to rise. What’s unusual about craft beer businesses is that most of them choose to remain small. Another unique aspect of craft brewing is how much customers enjoy variety and constantly crave new types of beers.


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