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4 Reasons to Clean Upholstery in a Home with Pets December 13, 2017

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4 Reasons to Clean Upholstery in a Home with Pets, Goshen, New York

While pets are a wonderful addition to the family, their presence in your home can also take a toll on your carpeting and upholstery. With the holiday season in full swing, quality upholstery cleaning can make a big difference in ensuring your guests are comfortable and that your home looks its best. Read on for a few key reasons to clean your upholstery if you live in a pet-friendly home.

4 Reasons to Clean Your Upholstery in a Pet-Friendly Home

1. Save Money

Perhaps the biggest reason to invest in upholstery cleaning is cost. It will always cost you less to clean your couches and upholstered chairs than if you were to replace them every few years due to pet messes. Many pet stains are easily treatable with the help of professional services.

2. Help the Environment

By choosing regular upholstery cleaning over unnecessary furniture replacement, you’re also being more kind to the environment. Investing in what you have means less furniture and old carpet piling up in landfills.

3. Improve Your Health

upholstery cleaningUpholstery cleaning also improves the health of your family by removing harmful particles that build up in the fabric. Deep-cleaning treatments get rid of the dust, germs and pet dander that have settled into your furniture’s upholstery over time. Many professional upholstery cleaners even offer allergen treatments to help your family and holiday guests breathe easier.

4. Extend Your Furniture’s Life

Lastly, quality upholstery cleaning extends the life of furniture by keeping it looking great for years to come. Pet-induced stains can be challenging to treat, so bringing in a professional ensures they are handled correctly the first time.


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