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Top 3 Signs Your Apple® Device Need to Be Replaced December 12, 2017

Orchard Park, Erie
Top 3 Signs Your Apple® Device Need to Be Replaced, Orchard Park, New York

Have any of your Apple® devices been running more sluggishly than usual? At first, you may chalk it up to a temporary hiccup in performance, but a few warning signs indicate it’s time for a replacement. For residents in the southern Buffalo area, Experimac - Orchard Park is New York's go-to solution for the service and replacement of both new and pre-owned Apple products. If you think your device is on its way out, here are some of the most common signs to keep in mind.

3 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Apple Product

1. The Latest OS Isn't Compatible

apple devicesWhile Apple does a thorough job of making sure each new operating system update is compatible with as many devices as possible, older units will eventually hit their limit. If you find the latest update is running poorly or not working at all, consider replacing your phone, tablet, or computer with something newer.  

2. Apps Run Slowly

If your apps aren’t operating at the speed they’re supposed to, you may need a replacement device. More recent or frequently updated programs require more processing power than others, so know how much of your available RAM is going toward certain apps. For a temporary fix, use your Activity Monitor — found within the Utilities folder — to see which applications are always on in the background. Disable these for better results, but if your Apple device is still sluggish, look into an upgrade. 

3. Certain Components Stop Functioning

Keep an eye on individual components, as well. In some cases, parts such as the battery or hard drive may fail on their own, and replacing them yourself is difficult and expensive. Depending on the component, you'll have to decide whether it's worth the investment. Once you add in the price of repair to the new part, opting for a full replacement could end up being more economical. 

Next time your Apple device is acting up, go over the list above and see if anything looks familiar. If a replacement is in order, folks in the Southtowns area can make the process as easy as possible with the help of Experimac - Orchard Park. Head to their website for a full list of repair and upgrade options — including an abundance of pre-owned Apple products you can trust — and give them a call at (716) 608-6874.

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