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3 Tips for Accurate Interior Door Replacement December 8, 2017

Hobbs, Lea
3 Tips for Accurate Interior Door Replacement, Hobbs, New Mexico

Interior doors may require replacement for many reasons, such as warping, wear and tear, or outdated interior design. If you want door replacement done right the first time, your best bet is to call in professionals, like the home improvement experts at Accredited Builders in Hobbs, NM.

If you’re a DIY aficionado and want to try it yourself, follow their advice for the most successful results:

  • door replacementBring Your Door Measurements to the Home Improvement Store: Before picking up a blank door, carefully measure the width and height of the old one. There’s no need to worry about the thickness, unless it’s an antique door. If you aren’t buying a pre-hung set, door blanks come in standard sizes that need to be cut to custom dimensions. Buy the smallest possible blank for your door replacement.
  • Remove the Old Door From the Bottom Up: Before altering the new door, uninstall the old one so you can use it as a guide. It’s best to start from the bottom hinge and work your way up, and even safer if you call a friend to spot you. Use a hammer and screwdriver to tap out stubborn door pins, but keep them for later—you may also want to reuse the doorknob and lockset.
  • Use Your Old Door as a Guide: Even though you have already made measurements, align the old door with the new one, and trace the former with a carpenter’s pencil. To make the best cut, score your penciling before trimming the door with a circular saw. Keep using your old door as a guide when cutting the hinge mortises, as well. Re-align your newly cut door over the old one, and use a square to mark where you’ll need to chisel.

There’s more to door replacement than that, but the tips above will help you make precise cuts. If you don’t have the time, skill, or equipment to install a new door yourself, call Accredited Builders at (575) 393-7596 to schedule a free consultation. They have over 15 years of home remodeling experience and can tackle both commercial and residential projects at competitive rates. For more information, visit their website.

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