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4 Well Planning Tips for Getting the Most Water Pressure December 4, 2017

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4 Well Planning Tips for Getting the Most Water Pressure, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

For city dwellers, water pressure is rarely an issue. If you live in the country, however, residential water systems can have significantly less pressure, making tasks like showering and washing clothes a major hassle. Well planning is the key to an improved experience, helping increase water pressure for easier daily living. Make the most out of your well with these four tips.

Well Planning Basics: 4 Tips to Increase Your Water Pressure

1. Note the Pressure Level

well planningA well inspection extends beyond the exterior; you’ll need to check valued components to get an accurate pressure reading. To do this, attach the air-fill valve to the tire pressure gauge and take note of the number. For most systems, 28 psi is the standard setting, so if yours reads significantly lower, adjustments are necessary. The pressure switch gauge reveals a number as well; this reading indicates the current pressure flowing throughout the water system and into your home. 

2. Check the Pressure Switch

With a few adjustments to the pressure switch, you can change the settings to increase water flow. The switch includes two nuts; one turns the pump on, while the other shuts it off. Every time you turn on a faucet, the tank’s pressure will drop to a specific cut-in setting.

Use a wrench to increase this setting, turning the nut clockwise. Do the same to increase the second nut’s cut-off setting, and you should notice a visible difference every time you turn on the water. Checking these two components is an important part of any well planning strategy. 

3. Re-Check the Pressure Gauge

After you’ve made your adjustments, re-check the pressure gauge reading to see how much it has risen. Turn off the water valve, and note how much the pressure changes when the pump is off. If it’s still too low, readjust until it reaches a higher psi. 

4. Add Air to the Pressure Tank

Adding air to the pressure tank is an efficient, manual method of increasing water pressure. Check the psi reading throughout the process and add or release air accordingly. Once you’ve reached the desired psi of 28—it’s okay if your reading is a few psi below this—you’re good to go. This is the final step to increasing water pressure, so once you’re finished, you’ll notice visible results. 


With a little well planning, you’ll get the most water pressure out of your well, receiving a strong, steady flow throughout your home. For the best in residential water systems, trust in Oconto Falls, WI’s Luisier Drilling. The company provides area residents with drilling, irrigation, well inspection, and other services to keep your home supplied with the purest, highest quality water. Visit the website for more information, or call (920) 848-5239 today!

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