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3 Basic Cold-Weather Pool Maintenance Tips December 7, 2017

Cincinnati, Hamilton
3 Basic Cold-Weather Pool Maintenance Tips, Cincinnati, Ohio

If you have a swimming pool, you probably know how important it is to practice good maintenance habits year-round. It’s particularly vital to take care of your pool during fall and winter when chillier temperatures can cause a variety of issues. With basic pool maintenance, you can be confident that your pool will hold up well in inclement weather so that you can enjoy it again when spring arrives.

Top 3 Pool Maintenance Tips for Winter

1. Check the Parts

pool maintenanceCold weather can cause damage to various pieces of pool equipment. It’s essential to drain any remaining water from the heater, filter, and pump; if any water lingers, it can freeze and cause the pipe to break.

2. Work on Chemistry

It’s important that your pool’s chemistry remains balanced throughout fall and winter if the water isn’t completely drained. The goal is to prevent contaminants such as bacteria and algae from developing. You can help this process by eliminating any chemicals you used during spring and summer; over time, the chemicals weaken and won’t have the same effect on the water. An enzyme treatment can prevent scum and foam from developing on the swimming pool’s surface, too.

3. Cover It Up

Keeping the pool covered during the off-season is crucial. Not only will it prevent children and animals from accidentally falling inside, but it will also protect the integrity of the pool itself. The cover should be tightly attached so that no area is left unprotected. It should also be free of debris, which you can rinse away with a hose.

By following a few precautionary pool maintenance suggestions, you can ensure that your pool will stay clean and in good condition in preparation for the upcoming season. Whether you have an above-ground or an in-ground pool, it’s important to provide regular care for it in the off-season—you’ll be glad you did when opening day arrives.


Locals in Cincinnati, OH, rely on the professionals at All-American Pools to provide all of their swimming pool needs. From high-quality pool installations to repairs and pool maintenance, they handle it all. They also carry all of the accessories needed to ensure that your pool runs smoothly during the season. Visit their website for details, or call (513) 522-7161.

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