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How to Find the Right Conference Room for Your Deposition December 11, 2017

Plainville, Hartford County
How to Find the Right Conference Room for Your Deposition, Plainville, Connecticut

Although it is possible to hold a deposition remotely, booking a conference room for the proceeding is far more efficient. By gathering all parties and the court reporter in a single location at one time, you can achieve everything in one session, which will ultimately lead to a faster resolution to the case. But how do you find the right facility, and what kinds of factors are worth considering? Below, the team at A Plus Reporting Service in Wallingford, CT, shares a few tips for booking the perfect conference room.

3 Tips for Choosing a Deposition Venue

1. Look for Package Deals

Sometimes, it is possible to book a conference room through the court reporting agency. For example, it is not uncommon for various companies that provide legal services to offer affordable package deals that cover all your deposition needs. If cost is a concern for any of the parties involved, consider looking for such an arrangement.  

2. Confirm ADA Compliance

court reporterOnce you find a potential venue for the deposition, make sure it is compliant with the standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. It should be easily accessible for those with physical disabilities and large enough for all required parties to attend, including the court reporter and any witnesses who are being deposed.

3. Ensure Compatibility With Any Technology Requirements

Is the room equipped for audio and video recording? Does it have access to Wi-Fi connectivity? You need to ensure the conference room can handle all your technology needs on the day of the deposition, or else you’ll incur delays.

In addition to booking a conference room, it is also essential to hire a capable court reporter for the deposition. If you need reliable stenography services, turn to A Plus Reporting Service in Wallingford, CT. Their team offers everything from transcription to shorthand, as well as 24-hour access to an online repository. To learn more about what they offer and discuss your needs, contact them on their website. Call (203) 269-9976 to speak with a representative and enlist a court reporter today. 

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