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3 Maintenance Tasks You Should Leave to the Septic Tank Professionals December 7, 2017

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3 Maintenance Tasks You Should Leave to the Septic Tank Professionals, Hobbs, New Mexico

While you rely on your septic system for multiple daily functions, your system relies on you for regular maintenance. There are some steps you'll easily be able to handle on your own, but others require the trained eyes of a professional. Below, the septic tank specialists at Al Trusty Septic in Hobbs, NM, explain which upkeep tasks you should leave to the experts, as well as how often they need to be performed.

3 Septic Tank Tasks Only an Expert Should Do

1. Septic System Inspections

One of the most important aspects of your regular maintenance routine in the septic tank inspection. The procedure involves visually examining the tank for operational functions, sewage levels, and damaged components. Your contractor will also ask you to flush your toilets and test your faucets so they can watch how easily the waste moves through the various areas of the system. This service should take place yearly.

2. Leach Field Examination

You also need regular leach field examinations. Your leach field is where all the liquids from within the tank flow and start to filtrate, so it's important it drains correctly. During the inspection, your contractor will walk around the area and identify signs of drainage issues, like standing water or ultra-mushy ground.

Leach field checkups typically occur at the same time as your annual septic system inspection, but you should also schedule them after extreme rainfall or flooding to ensure they aren't oversaturated. If issues are identified, your contractor will suggest the necessary drain field repairs that need to take place.

3. Tank Pumping

septic tankOn average, septic pumping should take place every three years, but the timeframe is unique to your system size and use level. Staying on top of your pumping schedule is imperative to avoiding issues like sewer backups, plumbing breakdowns, and leach field flooding. If you schedule regular inspections, your septic system contractor will be able to identify how often your tank needs to be pumped.

Regular septic tank maintenance will help keep your system running smoothly for years to come, but it's vital to choose a qualified team. Al Trusty Septic has been the first choice for Lea County residents for over 40 years. From regular inspections to pumping and repairs, the local business will tend to your septic system's every need. Schedule your appointment today by calling (575) 393-1200. 

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