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3 Important Questions to Ask Your Tire Dealer December 7, 2017

Hazelwood, St. Louis County
3 Important Questions to Ask Your Tire Dealer, Hazelwood, Missouri

The world of tires can be daunting for consumers. With so many different sizes, styles, speed ratings, load ratings and manufacturers, it can be difficult to know precisely what you need before heading to your local tire dealer. To help you make an informed decision while tire shopping, it’s a good idea to bring along a brief list of questions to ask one of the associates.

When you’re in the market for new tires, be sure to ask these three questions to ensure you’re making the right choice for your needs:

  • Is It Really Time to Replace My Tires? It’s not always easy for drivers to tell when it’s time for replacement. The tire dealer can always help you assess tread level to make a determination. You can also perform a quick gauge at home by doing “the penny test.” Stick an upside-down penny in the tread of your tires: If you can see space above President Lincoln’s head, it’s time for tire replacement. Most tires also have “wear bars” which are between rows of tread. When the tread wears even to the wear bars your wet traction is becoming very limited.

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  • What Are Some Options to Consider? The tire shop should be able to provide a few different recommendations for your specific vehicle and the type of driving you normally do. For instance, if you find yourself driving on wet, slushy roads in the winter, snow tires may be a good option to consider.  
  • Do You Offer Any Discounts? Most tire shops understand shoppers are naturally out to get the best available deal, so don’t forget to inquire about coupons or promotions. Certain manufacturers will offer mail-in rebates, which you learn more about at the time of purchase. The best shops like Auto World will fill everything out and mail it in for you. You might also be eligible for complimentary services, such as free alignment checks, nitrogen filling and rotations when you purchase a specific quantity of tires.


If you’re seeking the best selection of new tires and excellent customer service, look no further than Auto World Tire & Auto in Hazelwood, MO. This one-stop auto shop has everything local drivers need to maximize vehicle performance at competitive rates. Visit the tire dealer online to learn more about their full selection of auto repair services. You can also call (314) 895-4455 to speak with a helpful staff member.

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