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Food Truck Design & How to Attract Customers to Your Mobile Eatery January 3, 2018

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Food Truck Design & How to Attract Customers to Your Mobile Eatery, Brooklyn, New York

When you’re running a food truck business, it’s not enough to create delicious recipes to ensure profitability. Your food truck design is important because that’s what attracts customers to you in the first place. But if you want to keep them there, build up repeat business, and encourage customer referrals, you have to make an effort to engage with them.

3 Tips for Attracting More Customers to Your Food Truck

1. Celebrate Events

food truck designYour food truck is the most versatile type of restaurant because it’s not tied to a certain location. Your menu can be equally flexible if you take the time to make meaningful changes surrounding the holidays and popular events. Use your creativity to come up with special dishes for the seasons, and if something exciting is going on in your community, celebrate it. You can even commemorate the anniversary of your business or switch up your food truck design. 

2. Prioritize Customer Service

Satisfied customers are the most important ingredient of running a successful food truck business. You should prioritize customer service. This means you must go beyond taking their order and start engaging with them one-on-one. You can ask them how their week is going or share tidbits of information they might find useful. If you make an effort to get to know the community, they will feel welcome and are more likely to return. 

3. Connect People in the Community

People enjoy being part of a community, especially if it’s outside of work. If you make it your business to bring people together, they’ll enjoy spending time with friends and family while eating some of your delicious food. You can do this by offering specials that encourage multiple people to place an order together with you or hosting neighborhood events centered around your food truck.


Your food truck design must speak to your customers and let them know what you’re all about. From there, you can build up a successful business. Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions can help you start a food truck business using custom food truck designs. This family-owned business operates out of Brooklyn, NY, but can furnish custom-designed food trucks in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina, too. Their stainless-steel products are designed to meet your needs and conform to regulatory requirements. To view some of their unique custom food trucks visit the website.    

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