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Where Did Fortune Cookies Come From? December 5, 2017

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Where Did Fortune Cookies Come From?, Fairbanks, Alaska

One of the best parts of eating at a Chinese restaurant is indulging in a fortune cookie after your meal. These tasty treats are not only delicious but also provide little snippets of wisdom inside their crunchy curves. But do you know the origins of the fortune cookie and why it is included in your takeout meal?

Their history can be broken down into three main segments:

  • Chinese restaurantOrigins: In 1918, David Jung, a Chinese immigrant in Los Angeles, CA, created the first cookie. Jung owned Hong Kong Noodle Company at the time. As his Chinese restaurant prospered, he became increasingly concerned with the poor who wandered the streets outside his doors. To help, he created the cookie and handed them out free of charge. They included an inspiring quote or Bible verse to encourage those down on their luck.

  • Popularity Growth: As the idea of fortune cookies grew more popular, some attempted to automate their creation. Originally, they were made by hand using chopsticks. However, in 1964, Edward Louie developed Lotus Fortune Cookie Company in San Francisco. He created a machine that folded the dough as well as inserted the fortune.

  • Present: Today, you can expect a fortune cookie with every meal at a Chinese restaurant. Although they have shifted from Bible verses to more generic quotes or psalms, they are still a source of inspiration and joy to many. Annually, billions of cookies are created around the world, and most of that production comes from the United States.


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