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A Used Car Dealership Offers 3 Tips for Getting Rid of Your Clunker December 7, 2017

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A Used Car Dealership Offers 3 Tips for Getting Rid of Your Clunker, Stamford, Connecticut

Some drivers go shopping for a new or used car because their current vehicle is old and outdated, while others simply want to avoid major repairs. Unfortunately, some people head to a used car dealership only to find that their vehicle is too old to trade in. If you’re in this situation and wondering what your options are, Harbor View Auto Sales in Stamford, CT, has a few suggestions.

3 Tips for Getting Rid of Your Old Used Car

1. Hold a Private Sale

used car dealershipIf your car is more than 10 years old and has a lot of miles on it, you probably won’t get much for it from a dealer. If it’s in decent condition and still drivable, you may have better luck selling it privately. In fact, many parents want to buy old cars for their kids who are learning to drive. You can post an ad online to attract potential buyers. If the car needs major repairs, a car repair shop or mechanic may be willing to buy it.

2. Check With Salvage Yards

For cars that are more than 10 to 15 years old and need major repairs, check with local salvage yards. Many will buy old vehicles and scrap them to repurpose and sell the metal and other salvageable materials. You may not get as much cash with this option, but if you can’t trade your vehicle in at a used car dealership or sell it privately, this is a smart alternative.

3. Donate & Reap the Tax Benefits

Many charities accept cars as donations. If it’s in good condition, they can find a purpose for it. If it’s not, they can scrap it and use the cash to further their cause. Once you find a charity to donate to, verify that the donation will be tax-deductible. Although the process of claiming this type of donation is complex, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you helped those in need.

It’s hard to know whether your car is too old to resell without taking it to a used car dealership. If you’re ready to trade in your old clunker for a newer model, visit Harbor View Auto Sales to view their full inventory of used cars. They’ll evaluate your current vehicle and help you find a newer used car at an affordable rate. Give them a call at (203) 588-2307 with any questions, and start browsing their used cars online.

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