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A Guide to Understanding Home Health Aide Training December 12, 2017

Springfield Gardens, Queens
A Guide to Understanding Home Health Aide Training, Queens, New York

If you want a hands-on job that allows you to help people and impact individual lives you may want to consider becoming a home health aide. These compassionate health care providers cater to people with medical needs, like seniors, people with disabilities and chronic illnesses, or mental impairments. If this sounds interesting to you, read on to learn about how to become a home health aide.

What Training Do I Need to Become a Home Health Aide?

The U.S. Federal Government regulates home health aides only if they are paid with Medicare reimbursements. Even if you plan to work for someone who doesn’t use Medicare to pay you, getting training is a crucial part of being able to provide helpful services to individuals in need. Different states also have varied requirements for these healthcare providers, so look into the necessary local certifications in your area.

To be okayed by the U.S. government to provide home health aide services, you must have at least 75 hours of training. This must include at least 16 hours of supervised practical training in a lab or demonstrative setting. Your certificate program should include learning how to communicate with your employer, patient status documentation, and learning about how to respectfully care for your charge.

home-health-aide-springfield-gardens-NYYou should learn medical basics, like how to provide hygiene services, ways to control infection, and how to read basic body signs like respiration, temperature, and pulse. Along with medical knowledge, you will also gain experience with safely helping people move, get adequate nutrition, and how to handle emergencies. When these training skills combine with your compassion for patient care, you should be all set for a great career as a home health aide.

Where Can I Get HHA Training?

Many vocational training schools offer home health aide training. Federally regulated certifications must be taught by registered nurses with at least one year of home health care experience and two years of nursing experience. Attendees must complete a competency evaluation every 12 months and receive additional training each year to maintain their Medicare-funded status. Look for training that is also legally qualified in your state to follow the necessary standards for providing home health care. 


IGBANS Institute of Vocational Training in Springfield Gardens, NY, offers educational training for certified health care professionals. They provide courses for certified nursing assistants, home health aides, phlebotomy technicians, and electrocardiography technicians. To learn about their programs, call (718) 276-8100 or visit the website for more information on their courses, job placements, evaluations, and experienced instructors.

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