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Should You Clean Diamonds Before Taking Them to a Jewelry Buyer? December 8, 2017

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Should You Clean Diamonds Before Taking Them to a Jewelry Buyer?, Carle Place, New York

If you’re looking for a way to earn extra cash with the holidays approaching, think about selling your old, unused diamonds. In addition to clearing up some space in your jewelry box, you’ll also have more money to spend on a gift for someone special. Before bringing them to a jewelry buyer, you should clean them first — but only in some cases.

While it is in your best interest to present clean stones when selling them, take extra care when cleaning your diamonds. Although you can take loose diamonds to a jeweler for cleaning before selling them, you should bring those placed in a setting or combined with other gems to your buyer in their current state. Otherwise, you risk damaging the item and losing its full value.

You should also avoid ultrasonic cleaners. Although diamonds are incredibly durable, most of them have inclusions — small imperfections found on the inside — or blemishes on the surface. Due to the way these cleaners use sound waves to remove dirt particles from the diamond, they can enlarge the flaws or even cause cracks to form.

jewelry buyerEven if you can’t see any internal flaws in your stones, using these machines is not advisable. In most instances, clarity-enhanced diamonds have reached this state through fracture filling or laser drilling, which makes them even more likely to crack when cleaned with an ultrasonic device.

If you do not want to have your diamonds cleaned by a professional before visiting your jewelry buyer, it is best to wipe them gently with soap, water, and a cloth. This is the best approach to avoid damaging the stones and ensure you have a clean, shiny gem to present.


When your diamonds are clean and ready to sell, bring them to American Coins & Gold. This jewelry buyer has locations in Bridgewater and Wayne, NJ, as well as Garden City, NY, and will offer you a fair price for your pieces. Visit their website to fill out their free appraisal form, or call them today at (908) 575-9400 for further information.

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