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7 Common Notary Terms You Need to Know December 6, 2017

Wailuku, Maui
7 Common Notary Terms You Need to Know, Wailuku, Hawaii

A notary public is someone appointed by the state government to serve as a witness during important document signings. These documents vary widely and can include everything from marriage certificates to divorce proceedings. As an impartial, objective witness, it’s a notary’s job to know the lingo, from the ins and outs of the court system to basic vocabulary exchanged around the office. If you’re interested in this profession, here are seven key terms you should know:

Notary Terms You Should Know 

1. Affiant

An affiant is a person willing to swear under oath. Usually, this person signs an affidavit, so the terms are easy to memorize. 

2. Affix

In the notary world, to “affix” refers to stamping something with your professional seal, making it official. Co-workers will need this seal prior to scanning or sending a fax, so holding the power to affix places you in an elevated position. 

3. Agent

When a power of attorney appoints powers to someone else, this individual is referred to as an agent. In document form, you might see this same person referred to as a “Grantee.” Both hold the same meaning. 

4. Certificate

notaryIn the notary profession, a certificate could be just about any piece of paper imaginable. “Certificate” simply refers to a piece of paper that’s attached to a notarized document, whether it’s a written promise from the affiant promising to sign the affidavit, or an IOU note. Certificates always refer to acts that require writing, not those that are purely verbal. 

5. Grantee

This term is interchangeable with “agent,” so it’s important to note this, especially when reviewing a notarized fax or other vital document. It refers to someone given privileges, such as power of attorney privileges. Later, the power of attorney appoints an agent to take over his or her duties, which is why the two terms are interchangeable. 

6. Grantor

The grantee has to receive power of attorney privileges from someone, and that someone is the grantor. The title speaks for itself; this individual grants privileges onto someone else. The details are always signed and in writing on an official power of attorney document. 

7. Principal

The principal is the primary signer of a document, no matter what the case. For example, if a grantor is permitting power of attorney charges, he or she would be the principal signing this important document. 


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