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What Type of Pet Food Should You Buy for Your Puppy? December 12, 2017

Washington Heights, Manhattan
What Type of Pet Food Should You Buy for Your Puppy?, Manhattan, New York

Your new puppy will spend the first 48 weeks of its life developing and learning how to adapt to their environment. Around the fourth week of life, they will be introduced to solid food while weaning off milk. Choosing the right pet food for your growing pup is essential to fulfilling their nutritional needs. Here, Pet Fashion and Grooming of New York, NY, explains the best chow to buy for your puppy.

A Guide to Finding Pet Food for Your Puppy

How Is Puppy Food Different From Dog Food?

pet foodPuppies have higher developmental needs than mature dogs, and they must be met with adequate nutrient intake. As pups grow, their muscles, joints, bones, and organs must be nourished for optimum growth. A high-quality pet food for puppies contains 30% protein, plus minerals, vitamins, and plenty of fat to give the puppy enough energy to perform daily activities.

When shopping for food, choose a product created specifically for puppies. Young pups require two times the daily nutritional levels of mature dogs, and adult pet food doesn’t contain enough nutrients to carry puppies through the developmental phase. Your young pooch will need the additional nourishment found in puppy food until they’ve finished growing. 

What Type of Pet Food Is Best?

There are three main types of dog food: moist, semi-moist, and dry kibble products. Dry kibble is the best pet food for young pups because it contains the highest amount of protein. Kibble will also keep their teeth clean and simplify digestion. Moist dog food is 75% water and contains less nutritional value, but it can be mixed with dry kibble to add variety to your pet’s meals. Feed your puppy three times a day until growth slows down around six months of age. At that point, you can limit feedings to twice a day.

Feeding your puppy well-balanced meals will help them grow into a healthy, strong dog. Contact the team at Pet Fashion and Grooming to find out how to best care for your pooch. They offer pet sitting services, doggy day care programs, and an animal clinic for your convenience. Call (347) 726-9409 to find out more about their services, and visit them online for additional information about the company.

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